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05/29/2018 08:15Unique Russian 'emperor's sea residence' Peterhof celebrates 100-year anniversary    ( Tremont Herald )
The former residence of Russian imperial family, the Romanovs, in Peterhof – as well as palaces in Gatchina and Pavlovsk near St. Petersburg – celebrated the 100th anniversary of their opening to visitors. Russian Prime Minister ...
05/20/2018 01:10Unique Russian 'emperor's sea residence' Peterhof celebrates 100-year anniversary    ( RT )
The former residence of Russian imperial family, the Romanovs, in Peterhof – as well as palaces in Gatchina and Pavlovsk near St. Petersburg ...
05/13/2018 09:15Today in History: The first flight over the North Pole took place    ( Roodepoort Record )
The airship then set off for Gatchina near Leningrad (modern-day Saint Petersburg), Russia, from Oslo at 1am on 15 April, reaching Leningrad 17 ...
05/10/2018 09:20New US sanctions driven by desire to get even with Moscow for fiasco of strike on Syria    (The Koz Times)
US impose sanctions against Russian defense structures - The Koz Times
01/31/2018 08:35FabergĂŠ And The Russian Crafts Tradition: An Empire's Legacy    ( Antiques and the Arts Online )
Tsar Nicholas II spent much of his childhood at the Gatchina Palace, south of St Petersburg. In 1901, he presented his mother Maria Feodorovna (1847–1928) with a FabergĂŠ Easter egg enameled in the Eighteenth Century French rococo taste and studded with seed pearls. The egg opens to reveal a ...
01/05/2018 07:55PHOTOS: The day in pictures — January 3, 2018    (Brisbane Times)
World of Photos - January 5, 2018 - Brisbane Times
11/11/2017 03:20Cultural Corner to welcome David Cook, children's author, illustrator of Nort's Stories    ( Chillicothe Constitution Tribune )
Cook also spent three years with the International Mission Board in Gatchina, Russia, where he taught English as a foreign language, as well as ...
11/07/2017 18:15Vadim Gorshenin: Why Russia does not celebrate the Centenary of the October Revolution    ( Pravda )
If Kerensky (who escaped from either the Winter Palace, or from the Gatchina Palace wearing a nurse's dress) had stayed in power, would Russia ...
11/03/2017 02:10FabergĂŠ and the Russian Craft Tradition, An Empire's Legacy    ( ArtfixDaily )
FabergĂŠ and the Russian Craft Tradition, An Empire's Legacy ... During the three centuries of Russia's Romanov dynasty, patronage of the arts flourished. ... Art Museum's collection, the Gatchina Palace Egg and the Rose Trellis Egg.
10/17/2017 18:00Exile in Ontario: How the Russian royal family came to an end in Toronto    ( TVO )
She had hundreds of servants at her disposal in the sprawling Gatchina Palace, located near St. Petersburg. “I used to climb 80 steps to kiss my ...
08/08/2017 08:25The NYT's Grim Depiction of Russian Life    ( Consortium News )
The second source is my own experience in and around our property in Orlino, a hamlet numbering 300 inhabitants in the Gatchina district, also ...
07/15/2017 11:00Russian authorities take aim at supporters of opposition politician Alexei Navalny    ( Open Democracy )
Activists ran into problems setting up their stage in Gatchina, near St ... Last weekend, all over Russia, supporters of politician Alexei Navalny held a ...
07/11/2017 05:55Russia turned out in strength    ( Badminton Europe )
3 out of 5 finals had Russian entries in Gatchina, yesterday. And it was the ladies who pulled through with two victories for Russia in women's singles ...
07/10/2017 06:05Vaishnavi Reddy Jakka punches big    ( Deccan Chronicle )
... women's category at the just concluded White Nights International Challenge at Gatchina in Russia where top players from 22 countries participated ...
07/03/2017 08:55Purva Barve adds a bronze to her golden run in Russia    ( The Indian Express )
Purva Barve finished with a bronze medal after a semifinal loss in the Russian Junior White Nights 2017 at the “Arena”, Gatchina-Russia.
12/21/2016 18:25Giant Leningrad Spa Resort “Gatchina Gardens” Moves Forward    ( Argophilia Travel News )
Also according to reports, an investment of $ 2.5 billion for the construction of the Gatchina Golf Village will create not only one of Russia's most ...
07/23/2016 21:35Gatchina Palace: Catherine the Great's lover, her son and other stories    ( Russia Beyond the Headlines )
Gatchina, the palace built by Italian architects near St. Petersburg, turns 250 this year. ... Gatchina Palace, the imperial residence outside St. Petersburg, ... heir of his father” (for this reason, Paul is known as the “Russian Hamlet”).
05/04/2016 18:20A Mother's Day Gift Idea from Imperial Russia    ( Atlas Obscura )
Inside the hand-painted, five-inch-tall enamel egg is a tiny golden replica of Gatchina, the palace southwest of St. Petersburg where the royals resided ...
12/30/2015 17:56Russia: 'Glum' Snow Maiden statue given makeover    ( BBC News )
A statue of Russia's Snow Maiden has been removed from a north-western town ... A huge statue of her was erected in Gatchina, near St Petersburg, ...
12/03/2015 04:25Britain's brightest young stars descend on St Petersburg to bring Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace to ...    ( Harpers Bazaar )
There has been an invasion of Russia. The imperial palace of Gatchina outside St Petersburg has been overrun by a motley army that has brought its ...


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